Star Wars Kitchen Items

Star Wars Kitchen Items

When you’re using those Star Wars cookie cutters up above to make a batch of cookies, you’ll need a timer so that they don’t burn. And what better one to use that this cool Star Wars R2D2 kitchen timer. It is about the size of a regular kitchen timer, but so much cooler.
star wars kitchen items 1

Star Wars Kitchen Items

Source: Amazon.com I’m as curious as the next guy about this cookbook phenomenon currently exploding. The Hunger Games? Seriously? Game of Thrones? Uh, ew. Star Wars? What do they even eat in this universe? There are quite a few cookbooks based on the Star Wars universe, but this one—hilariously entitled “Wookiee Cookies”—looks to be the best. Mainly because it focuses on desserts and includes recipes that are easier to understand because it’s aimed at kids. Also because it’s called “Wookiee Cookies.”
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Star Wars Kitchen Items

Like a lot of the cool Star Wars merch on this page, these cookies cutters are a ThinkGeek exclusive item. So, if you want to make some awesome Star Wars holiday cookies, then you have to order these cookie cutters from ThinkGeek.com.
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Star Wars Kitchen Items

If you’re a beer drinking Star Wars fan, then you life is incomplete without one of these awesome Star Wars beer steins. You can order it in the likeness of Boba Fett, Darth Vader, or R2-D2. Yeah, this thing is pretty damn cool and a definite must-have.
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Star Wars Kitchen Items

Do you even know that your kitchen is missing some of the most important essentials right now? That’s right. There are plenty of awesome Star Wars kitchen items, gadgets and other stuff that you need to check out right now. Seriously – unless you’re already busy making Death Star waffles, then stop what you’re doing and check out the list of items we’ve made for you.
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Star Wars Kitchen Items

You don’t have to be a master chef to enjoy your time in the kitchen (or at the table) with our geeky dining selection. Whether you’re looking to redo your kitchen top to bottom or just looking for a little something for that dinner party, we have what you need. Better yet, they’re in all your favorite fandoms, including Star Wars and Star Trek. If you didn’t like spending time in the kitchen before, you will now!
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Star Wars Kitchen Items

Once you’re done using those cool Star Wars cookie cutters we’ve listed up above, you need a place to put all those tasty treats while you wait for people to join you on the Dark Side. Well, this Death Star cookie jar has got you covered. It is the perfect place to stash those cookies. It is shaped at 9″ diameter, which is plenty of room for the cookies you’ve made.
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Source: Woot.com Okay, it may not make as much sense as the brilliant “Battlestar Galactica” licensed toaster (get it? “toasters?”), but this is still an absolute necessity for any respectable Star Wars kitchen.
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Maybe you have a small kitchen and don’t really have space for most of the stuff on this page. If that’s the case, then you’ve got no excuse against getting this Star Wars R2-D2 Napkin & C-3PO napkins and napkin ring set. As you can tell in the photo, the napkins are R2-D2 and the rings are C-3PO. Pretty cool, huh?
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Need some new knives in the kitchen? Sounds like you need this Star Wars X-Wing knife block! It comes with a total of five knives (Cook, Bread, Carving, Utility, and Paring). These are one piece knives that are very high quality pieces. The X-wing is made of silver plastic.
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Source: Think Geek. In today’s day and age, you can’t walk five feet in a Target without tripping over some weird piece of Star Wars memorabilia—and it’s pretty much exclusively kid-related. That’s what makes these little guys so special. What’s more hilarious than seeing everyone’s favorite incomprehensible little droid plugging up a half-empty wine bottle? Plus, whenever someone asks for a drink you can wave it in front of them and quote, “These are not the droids you are looking for.” That’s value.
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Source: Think Geek. So maybe this item isn’t a Star Wars licensed, George Lucas-approved product, but it should be. This little light attaches to most standard faucets and shines onto the water pouring out of it, turning it into a cool Jedi blue when it’s cold and into a scary Sith red as it gets hotter. George Lucas has probably already bought the rights to this thing in the time it took me to explain it.
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Source: Williams-Sonoma. With these awesomely flexible Star Wars themed spatulas, you can pretend to Force-flip your pancakes while Vader’s face actually does the job. Now you’ll know exactly how Anakin felt when Obi-Wan left him immolated on Mustafar. Well, your pancakes will, anyway.
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Source: Think Geek. But oh no, where to set down my deliciously perspiring beverage without ruining the beautiful sheen on the table tops of my Millennium Falcon, you ask? Well, I’m pretty sure no one in the Star Wars universe cares much for perspiration stains (I mean, did you see that Mos Eisley cantina?). But in case you do, these character-inspired coasters should do the trick.
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Source: Cookiecuttersearch.com. What better way to wrap all this up than with the delightful little molds that’ll help you make those Wookiee Cookies? (No, I didn’t pick these just to be able to say Wookiee Cookies again.) There are tons of Star Wars cookie cutters out there, from characters to ships and everything in between. What are the odds of your cookies turning out like the ones you see here? About the same as finding a desert on Hoth.
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This awesome Star Wars bowl set is another ThinkGeek exclusive item that is simply a must-have for your morning cereal eating. Okay, so maybe these bowls are a bit too large for breakfast cereal. Each bowl holds about 3 cups of whatever you wanna put in them, but R2-D2 is just slightly larger than 3-CPO and holds closer to 4 cups of snacks.
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Holidays, cookouts and dinner parties just got a little better thanks to this awesome Star Wars serving platter. It’s a pretty decent size too at 10 1/4″ x 14 1/4″, which means lots of room for finger foods on this tray.
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13. This planetary glassware set that’s a little more sophisticated and fitting of a Sith Lord. View this image › Via thinkgeek.com The set contains six glasses, including four planets (Alderaan, Dagobah, Hoth, and Tatooine), one moon (the forest moon of Endor), and the Death Star. Price: $29.99
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Source: The Awsomer. Speaking of cookies, this Death Star themed jar is the perfect place to house the special treats for your family. Or just you. You know, however you want to play it.
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Source: Think Geek. The perfect companion to your Vader toaster and Death Star tea infuser, this Dark Side coffee is sure to bring out your devious side. Or maybe that’s just how you are that early in the day. Hey I get it, mornings are tough.
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Like the bowls above, this awesome Death Star cookie jar is made of high quality ceramic. You can’t stick it in the dishwasher, so keep that in mind.
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28. This set of metal droid containers that will keep your kitchen from looking like a battleground. View this image › Via thinkgeek.com The set also comes with coffee, tea, and sugar labels. Price: $19.99
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Source: Think Geek. Okay, this one may be kind of impractical. But practicality flew out of the window when we started talking about kitchen appliances based on movies where characters have names like Count Dooku, use laser swords, and purposely have rat-tails. Anyway, what better way to keep your beverages icy-cold in the dog days of summer than a miniature frozen-in-carbonite Han Solo? There is a better way, but since I’m being told Hoth doesn’t actually exist, we’ll have to stick with this.

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